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Lion Cosmetics is a manufacturer and exporter of nail products based in the Czech Republic, created in 1992 by Mr. Darius Lev.


We are supplying gels for nail modeling, UV-gel programme, natural nail appliances, manicure and pedicure implements and cosmetic appliances.


We are also offering nail decorations.




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Japanese manicure – Glossy shine

Glossy shine (Japanese manicure) is a kind of nail treatment – polishing, coming out of an ancient history of Japanese ancestors. The philosophy of the company is the effort of renewal and also maintaining the environment for nail growth.

This method is suitable for non-growing, fringy and brittle nails.

It is not suitable for thin nails, damaged e.g. after modeling and ill – affected by fungus. The healing treatment supports the blood flow and healthy growth of the nail. Nevertheless it has to be renewed every three weeks. The main ingredients of Glossy shine (Japanese manicure) are the base polishing paste and a special powder that is applied to the nail with a special buffer and are being polished into high shine. A very protective film is created on the nail that nourishes the nail and protects also against adverse effects like e.g. water, chemicals.

The difference after the first application is immediately visible. The nail gets a high shine, is stronger and permanently protected.

For maintaining a natural healthy nail polish is not applied so that the nails natural regeneration is maintained.



Japanese manicure - Glossy shine in the shop can be found here.










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For your inspiration we have prepared an exclusive picture gallery from our longstanding associate Ms. Tana Karafiatova. Let us inspire you what a trained hand of an artist can create with the help of our products. Ms Karafiatova has attended a lot of exhibitions in more than 10 countries, where she presented our products and company. Further she has experiences from Germany, Russia, the Baltic States, USA etc. In case of your interest for information about trainings from Ms Tana Karafiatova, you can contact her personally on the email address or on the phone number +420 605 744 044. Ms Tana Karafiatova speaks Russian and Czech.



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